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A Boy and a Girl




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Voicing - SSAATTBB Chorus, a cappella

Level - Intermediate

Language - English

Duration - 3:00

Category - Secular, Love, Seasons of Life, Innocence, Youth, Death


A Boy and a Girl comes from a larger set entitled the Four Wedding Songs which was dedicated as a wedding gift to Stephen and Stacey Squier on the eve of their wedding on July 29th, 2010. The four movements of the work were inspired by the tradition to give a bride “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” with each movement in the piece representing these.


The text in this movement was “borrowed” straight from Eric Whitacre’s version of “A Boy and a Girl” a favorite piece of Stacey’s. This poem by Octavio Paz in written in three sections, representing the three different stages of a relationship between a boy and a girl. The first stanza speaks of a young boy and girl, probably best friends, playing in the grass and giving each other kisses. The text, as well as the music, captures a feeling of youthfulness and innocence in the playful opening melody. 


In the second stanza, the boy and girl are much older, probably young adults at this point. The text and the music give off a more serious and passionate color, representing lovers instead of young friends. Finally, the third stanza has a much darker and hauntingly beautiful tone. The boy and girl are dead and buried underground, side-by-side. It is a painful but beautiful ending to a lifelong relationship that the boy and girl shared from friends, to lovers, to soul mates.




By Octavio Paz


Stretched out on the grass

A boy and a girl

Savoring their oranges, giving their kisses

Like waves exchanging foam


Stretched out on the beach,

A boy and a girl

Savoring their limes, giving their kisses

Like clouds exchanging foam


Stretched out underground

A boy and a girl

Saying nothing, never kissing,

Giving silence for silence







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