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Commission a New Work


Commissioning a new piece of music is an immensely fun and exciting process! It is the opportunity to promote new music, to support living composers, to create something unique and tailor-made for your ensemble, and to engage performers and audiences in the creative process of new music.  Ms. Ward is always open to take on new projects and would love to write a new piece of music for you!


Where To Begin


If you are interested in commissioning a piece or have any questions regarding the commissioning process, please visit the contact page.

Here are a few details to include in your email:

     - Who will be premiering the work?

                 (Consider the level of difficulty you want)

     - When and where will the premiere take place?

     - By what date will you need the piece to begin rehearsing?

     - Is the piece being commissioned for any sort of special event?

     - What theme or text do you have in mind?

     - Will the piece be accompanied or unaccompanied?

     - Will the piece feature any soloists?

     - What will be the ideal length of the piece?


For a list of Ms. Ward's latest commissioned works, click here.




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