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A Boy and a Girl

A Boy and a Girl


"A Boy and a Girl" is the touching story of two lives spent together in love. The piece, like the poem, is in three distinct sections each with an ending that will capture the hearts of performers and audiences alike. 


Voicing: SSAATTBB, a cappella

Duration: 3:00


Winner of the Zane Busch Award for Most Creative Choral Composition from Pine Lake Music Publishing, Atlanta, GA

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  • Text

    By Octavio Paz
    English Translation by Muriel Rukeyser


    Stretched out on the grass,
    a boy and a girl.
    Savoring their oranges,
    giving their kisses like waves exchanging foam.

    Stretched out on the beach,
    a boy and a girl.
    Savoring their limes,
    giving their kisses like clouds exchanging foam.

    Stretched out underground,
    a boy and a girl.
    Saying nothing, never kissing,
    giving silence for silence.

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