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Rorate Caeli (Choral Score & Piano Reduction)

Rorate Caeli (Choral Score & Piano Reduction)


"Rorate Caeli" is the perfect contemplative piece for the Advent season or a holiday concert. The choral parts are lush but accesible and are complimented by a Gregorian chant-like soprano solo. The instruments create an atmospheric wash of sound to accompany the choral parts. For the Conductor's Score and Instrumental Parts for this piece, click here. For the shorter, a cappella version of "Rorate Caeli", click here. 


Voicing - SATBB Choir, Soprano solo, Oboe, Clarinet, Violins, Viola, Cello, Vibraphone, Suspended Cymbal, and Tuned Water Glasses (or Organ)

Duration - 5:30

  • Recordings

    For a recording/score video of this piece, click here.

    Additional Performances:

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  • Text

    Traditional Latin Text

    Roráte caéli désuper,

    et núbes plúant jústum.

    Víde Dómine afflictiónem pópuli túi,

    et mítte quem missúrus es:

    emítte Agnum dominatórem térræ,

    de Pétra desérti ad móntem fíliæ Síon:

    ut áuferat ípse júgum captivitátis nóstræ.


    Drop down, ye heavens from above,

    And let the skies pour down righteousness.

    Behold, O Lord, the affliction of thy people,

    And send forth him whom thou wilt send;

    Send forth the Lamb, the ruler of the earth,

    From Petra of the desert to the mount of the daughter of Sion:

    That he may take away the yoke of our captivity.

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