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Tu Lumen

Tu Lumen


"Tu Lumen" is a gentle meditation on the themes of light and hope. Accesible to singers of all ages, this choral prayer combines the voices of many into this unifying anthem of peace.


Voicing - SSATB (a cappella) with optional soprano and tenor solos

Duration - 2:00

  • Recordings

    For a recording/score video of this piece, click here.

    Additional Performances:

    Choir School of Delaware in Wilmington, Arreon Harley

    St. David's Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Douglas Buchanan


  • Text

    Traditional Latin Text

    Tu lumen, tu splendor patris,

    Tu spes perennis omnium :

    Intende quas fundunt preces

    Tui per orbem famuli.


    You are the light, the splendor of the Father,

    You are the enduring hope of all.

    Heed the prayers that

    Your servants throughout the world pour out.

  • Reviews

    "Ford's 'Tu Lumen' sparkles. This accessible, though well crafted gem truly captures the radiance of light and all that it symbolizes. Choirs of all abilities and ages will enjoy singing the luscious and lyrical phrases of 'Tu Lumen''."

    ~ Arreon Harley, Director of Music and Operations at the Choir School of Delaware, Wilmington, DE

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