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The Ten Suggestions




Digital Score



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Voicing - SSAATTBB Chorus, a cappella

Level - Easy-Intermediate

Language - English

Duration - 2:30

Category - Sacred, Love


The Ten Suggestions comes from a larger set entitled the Four Wedding Songs which was dedicated as a wedding gift to Stephen and Stacey Squier on the eve of their wedding on July 29th, 2010. The four movements of the work were inspired by the tradition to give a bride “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” with each movement in the piece representing these.


The text for this "something new" movement comes from a brand new wedding poem written especially for this work by Philadelphia poet Beth Feldman Brandt. The poetry gives ten simply stated suggestions from one married woman to a soon to be bride on how to have a successful marriage. The featured alto melody represents the voice of sage wisdom. Like the poem, the piece is constructed of short, simple statements of phrases. It never lingers very long from one suggestion to the next. As the suggestions become more broad and profound, the harmonies become progressively more rich, filled with piercing suspensions, and ending with its final crescendo.




By Beth Feldman Brandt


Let this come first.

What you have can be enough.

Tell the truth if you can.

Take only what is yours to take.

Be steadfast in your love.

Revive what can be saved.

Stop. Rest a bit.

See things for what they are.

Remember who carried you here.

Write their names.







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